Sunday, 30 October 2011

Do You Want to Find Love Washington DC?

I'm not looking for love right now because I live with my boyfriend, but my friend is looking for Love Washington DC. She is finding it extremely difficult to get a date, and when she does it never seems to work out for her. So I strongly suggested that she go online and find some sites that she was comfortable signing up with. She said she would only do it if I helped her with her profile and pictures.


I had no problem with this so we spent one afternoon working on her profile so that she could make some love matches. The profiles were harder then I thought. You really need to take a lot of time thinking through each question so you're as honest as possible, yet appealing at the same time. Also, some of the sites had personal essays you had to write about yourself. These were difficult too because again, you don't want to sound boring and un-sexy.


When it came to picking out the photos for Love Washington DC it got a little easier. She is an attractive woman and photographs well. But you need a variety of shots to post. One sexy photo - but not too provocative, a group photo with friends, and a couple of individual photos - dressed casually or dressed up, and a headshot. Some people pay to have a headshot taken, but it's not necessary to spend the money if you have a good one, or one that you can crop and post.

After finishing the registration process you can just sit back and wait and see who comes to you, or if you have the confidence reach out to some men you find attractive. It's really important when you're finding love to be safe about it. There are a lot of predators out there who use the Internet to prey on innocent people.

Most dating sites have safety instructions included on their website, and I told my friend she should seriously follow them. I also gave her my own set of tips. She was grateful and promised she'd be safe. After about two months she was going on dates with all sorts of interesting men she found on Love Washington DC. Hopefully she'll find a lasting connection.

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