Saturday, 5 November 2011

Why Cross Cultural Relationships Are Becoming the Norm

A few days' stay in any premiere tourist destination, and you will understand why cross cultural relationships are becoming the norm. These are not the kind of relationships one might expect to find in tourist areas that cater to fleeting desires. These are genuine relationships that were born out of how to find love amidst differing cultures.

For people who are still single after 40, dating expats is in fact worthwhile to explore. Finding a soulmate in the "seven seas" is even made easier by the following realities:

The instant-messaging and video-calling age is upon us, and space and time are no longer obstacles to forging bonds, whether onshore or across the Atlantic;The online community is fast rivaling the actual populations of a country. Taiwan, for example, has 17 million out of its 23 million citizens who are plugged in. Their online community is fast becoming crowded, and this is the reason why online dating is gaining more ground. A lot of Taiwanese who are asking "how can I find love" are finding the answer through iPartment - a popular social media and online dating site who has matched up 200,000 couples since it began 8 years ago;

The search for greener pastures have propelled exodus to lands of plenty, and incidentally, lands where people are marrying later and birth rates are declining. Inevitably, dating expats is the one way to go about how to find love;The gender imbalance, especially in countries where sex selection is still the tradition (India, for example), create further pressure in declining birth rates. The preference for male sons that are also prevalent in China has led to a skewed sex ratio. In 2005, only 100 girls were born out of every 120 boys. Eventually, the Chinese will be "importing" wives;

The mainstream media has glamorized cross-cultural relationships. American movies have gradually integrated people of various "colors" in the silver screen. This further cultivates tolerance and acceptance of people from varying religious beliefs and cultural mores. The ease of access to foreign movies via Netflix or other movies-on-demand service providers further allow all people to enjoy other cultures vicariously and in the comforts of their home. It is now possible to be an "armchair" traveler;Latin American dancing is re-emerging in popularity and reshaping the club scene. Dance is a great equalizer, and when people relate with each other in the context of fun and dance, the process of how to find love, even among people who are still single after 40, is made much easier.

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