Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Beginners Guide to Online Dating: the Basics

Online dating has become a great new way of meeting your prospective partners. Everybody seeks love and companionship at some point of time. Online dating sites provide yet another avenue for looking for your Mr or Ms Right. Online dating has now become a multimillion dollar industry since a large number of people have started dating online. If you are one of those who are still wondering whether online dating really works, you are in the toughest phase. That is because getting started or making the transition is essentially the most difficult part of online dating. There are many people who want to use online dating sites but do not know how to get started and they are lazy enough to not make any attempt to find things out.

The first step of dating online is to select an online dating website and register yourself there. Check out the top websites and then go for the service which suits you. Most of these sites are alike and work in the same manner. They also have their own promotion campaigns which advertise these sites to garner traffic towards them. Go through the ads and check out the USP of each site. It is better to browse through a couple of online dating sites before you select one. You may also sign up for more than one website. Once you have selected the website you feel comfortable with you must register as a new user. In order to register you just need to provide your email id and select a password.

Once you have signed up for a website you have to get you online profile created. This is a crucial aspect of online dating and the kind of men or women you want to attract will depend on the profile you create. If you need some help in creating your profile, you may browse through the profiles of the existing users to know the kind of stuff that needs to be written. Exaggerating or lying about yourself will not take you far and you will not be able to continue the relationship for long.

After your profile is ready you can browse through the multitudes of profiles that are registered with the online dating site. Finding a compatible date is made easy with the online dating websites because most of these sites allow you to filter your search according to certain criteria. Once you have found like-minded people or ones whose profiles really interest you, you can send them a message to start. The first message sent is a really crucial one because it is on the basis of this message that the receiver decides whether or not to respond. The first message should not be creepy or have sexual undertones. The best first message would be a one liner which is simple yet witty. If possible writing something humorous may also help.

If you are lucky enough to get a response you may strike up a conversation and if everything falls in place you will soon find yourself preparing for your first date!

Some reputed online dating websites nowadays also carry out background checks on people who register with them. So, you do not have to worry about your safety. Go ahead and sign up for a dating site.

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