Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Online Dating and Social Networking

Most people are afraid to use a dating site. Why? I've heard many reasons: not to look desperate, avoid deceptions, not knowing what to expect, being seen by people they know, fear of rejection and so on. But many of the people that invoke these reasons have accounts on one or more social networking sites, which is pretty much the same thing.

Let's see some of the similarities between a dating site a social networking one. First, it is clear people there want to socialize, obviously each person has a different motivation for that, but mainly because we people are built this way, the socializing component is a very important one to define our personality. Social networking sites have had such a great success because everybody wants to maintain relationships, to find new friends, find common ground, discuss issues or just make small talk. On a dating site, everything starts with meeting new people, establishing a connection through repeated conversations. So, the same as on the social networking sites, you will be able to find new friends, a relationship or things just may get lost during the process.

On both kinds of sites you will want to show all the important information to you and create a profile that will attract others. Even if you are not looking for a new relationship, you will upload your best pictures and share your greatest experiences. I don't think that anybody show off their worst pictures and isn't willing to have a nice conversation to their online friends, as the result, both on a dating site and on a social networking site, will be the same: rejection.

The main difference between the two is quite clear: on dating sites people are there for a definite reason – finding a relationship. Long term, short term, marriage – this information will be found on the profile, as all members of the dating sites are encouraged to provide accurate details, so the prospective mates will get a better picture just from the start.

In conclusion, anybody who uses a social networking site shouldn't be afraid to use a dating site, as the main difference, the purpose of people signing up, could only bring benefits.

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