Saturday, 29 October 2011

Certain Secrets Are Best Left Kept

There is a common philosophy that all secrets in a relationship should be shared and that all facets of a relationship should be open for all considered parties. But there are certain secrets that are best left kept and best left in the deep depths of your mind. The kinds of secret that can do no good and one that can do no good for anyone are really counterproductive.

For example a secret about an ex girlfriend you have bumped into or something someone has said to you at work means that you will not be creating any positive spin whatsoever. You will only cause friction between the two of you and create problems further down the line. Because if you think that being honest about someone at work is productive now just think about when you have that work party and partners are invited.

It will only create jealousy and as long as you are not going to act on the suspicion then there are only problems that can occur from this. Because if you know what you need to know about each other and you fully trust each other then there needs to be more from you in order to keep it that way, so if there is any way in which you think you should keep it secret it is probably best kept.

Knowing that you have a secret to tell there is no desperate situation like guilt but there is certainly an argument to be had that you need to be keeping away from the secret as much as possible in order to make your relationship smooth. The equilibrium need to be kept and when it comes to work things the rule is all that more prevalent because it is ideal for you to keep it.

What if there was a secret about your girlfriend that you wish you knew but once you found out you became that little more paranoid, in fact you become incredibly jealous as a result, so what was the benefit there? You need to think about what cans of worms you are opening when you try to find out things like this.

So be wise and think with your head rather than your gut, don't be taken for a mug but insure that you use your focus in your exchanges and don't look for unnecessary problems in life.

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