Thursday, 27 October 2011

5 Fabulous Date Night Ideas

Date night is a wonderful thing when you're working to save your marriage. However, there are some date night activities that are more effective than others for couples who are truly interested in making their marriages work. Here are a few fabulous date night ideas that are sure to get you in the spirit of maintaining your spark or healing your marriage completely.

1)   Go ice skating together. This is a great date idea that not only gets you up and moving around but it also gives you an excuse to cuddle up for warmth, hold hands for safety, and to work together as a team. Even if you're expert skaters there's no reason why you can't work together on the ice and make the evening as fun as possible. It's also great because you're in an environment where you can really talk to each other and not doing the dinner and a movie thing where you have to be quiet most of the time (or talk with your mouth full).

2)   Go stargazing. Visiting the beach, a field out of town, or the top of a high building where you can really see the stars in the sky can be a romantic way to spend an evening together. Don't forget to bring a thermos of hot cocoa, romantic music, and a blanket. You may bring a telescope but it's perfectly fine to lie back and enjoy the night sky without one too.

3)   Challenge the love of your life to a game of H-O-R-S-E and let the winner name the stakes. It's a little on the daring side but what have you got to lose?

4)   Go out for dessert. People go out for dinner, they go out for breakfast. Some people even go out for coffee. When was the last time you made a date to go out for dessert? How sinful does that sound? Don't save the best for last – or do, depending on how you look at things. But, go out and have dessert first and come back home for the perfect ending.

5)   Take dance lessons together. This is the quintessential date-night date. You get to laugh, learn, and have fun together. More importantly, you'll be able to turn heads on the dance floor the next time you attend a wedding or other social function where dancing is expected.

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