Friday, 28 October 2011

Perfecting your online persona

The hardest part about dating in the 21st Century, is not about finding a date, but trying to hold on to one in a world were fickleness is common place. But hanging on to a relationship is not what this article is about, as what most people want to know is how to write an online profile that will get them lots of clicks.
If you are already using a Dating agency, I suggest that you browse through some profiles and stop at any that interest you. If you look closely at each of them, you will more than likely see a pattern running through them all, and it is this that attracted you to click on the profile, because in some way it switched on your curiosity.

There is no doubt that people who write their profiles in an interesting and light-hearted way, will always have lots of clicks online, and this is because for an initial contact, nobody wants to read about anything even vaguely depressing or sad.

So how do you perfect your online persona? Imagine that you were going out clubbing in an attempt to attract a potential date. Would you dress down, or dress to be noticed? When you initially get talking to someone in the club or pub, do you immediately tell them your life story, and all the problems you have had to face? Obviously not; and that is why I am often aghast, when I see some online profiles that go into streams of boring details about hopes, aspirations, let-downs and failed relationships. I am really not too sure what these people think they will achieve with all of this nonsense, because if it is sympathy they are looking for, they will never get it on a dating site.

To perfect your persona; always have a happy smiling photo, that is well taken and fairly recent. When you write something about yourself, don't make it too heavy, but something original, light, and if possible funny. Making people smile into their laptops, is a sure way to get them to want to see and read more about you, but don't ruin it afterwards by going into some boring detail about your expectations, because at the end of the day all members are initially interested in when they check out your profile is if you have a personality that they can relate to. The second part of your profile should make no apology for being on a dating site, but must clearly show that you are full of confidence and a fun person to be with.
Finally you should end with something light hearted and funny.

If you follow this formula, you will present an online persona that other members will be attracted to. How to deal with the attention you are about to get, is up to you.

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