Sunday, 27 November 2011

What Attracts Men to Women - 3 Things That Might Surprise You

Have you ever really wondered what attracts men to women? What is it specifically that some men find attractive enough in a woman that they want to date her? Chances are, if you are single right now, then that is something that you have thought about recently. And it is also plausible that you may be unsure of what specific things men find attractive in women. This article will try to eliminate some of the guess work and it might be surprising to find out some of the things that men find appealing about certain women.

All men will have their own unique variations of what they find attractive about a woman, though. That is something that needs to be taken into account. You can't expect that all guys are going to think exactly the same on the issue.

Here are 3 things that guys like that may or may not surprise you:

1. A lot of guys are attracted to a woman who knows how to enjoy herself.

Are you the kind of woman who can kick back and have a good time? Or are you more uptight and find it hard to just relax and not get so serious about things? If you are more of the first type, then chances are... more men will find you attractive. Having a laid back attitude and knowing how to enjoy yourself is one thing that many men find very irresistible about a woman.

2. Most men are attracted to women who are not afraid to be sexy once in a while.

Guys are simple when it comes to this area of attraction. You don't really have to possess the best figure around, if you know how to be sexy. Showing a man that you do have a sexy side to yourself is one sure fire way to make him feel like he wants you.

3. Guys like it when they meet a woman who can talk about the things that they like.

Do you have an interest in non girlie things? If so, that can actually be a very good thing that you have going for you. Many men find that they would love to meet a woman who can talk and enjoy some of the same things that they do. Notice that I said some of the things and not all. It's still good if you possess some interests that highlight your feminine nature to a man.

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