Saturday, 26 November 2011

How to talk to men while you are dating online?

Are you wondering what to say to that cute guy you've spotted on an online dating site so as to get him interested in you? Meeting new men online can be a lot of fun. While indulging in online dating you will find that getting a man to talk to you is not very difficult but keeping him interested for long is the more difficult task.

Online dating is the new buzzword these days and the plethora of online dating websites that have come up offer new opportunities to look for a compatible partner. Considering the hectic lives which people lead nowadays, online dating is also convenient. Online dating websites offer a platform where you can get to know a lot of men and befriend them. The top online dating sites also carry out a background check on their members so as to ensure you are safe.

If you really like a guy on one of the online dating sites and want to start a relationship with him, you must portray yourself in a manner so as to get him interested in you. Not just that, you have to retain that interest. There are a couple of tricks on how you should talk to men online to rouse their interest in you. If you can handle the conversation tactfully you can be sure that the guy will be eager to talk to you.

Keeping things under wraps:

Sometimes girls tend to go overboard with talking about themselves, especially their feelings. If you know the guy personally it s fine but you cannot reveal everything about yourself to a stranger. When talking to men online part with as little information as possible. Of course, this does not require you to lie. You just have to act mysterious so that the guy always keeps wondering about you.

Laugh at his jokes:

Guys love women who have a sense of humor and can laugh at a joke even if it is one directed at them. Maybe your guy is trying to please you by saying funny things. Appreciate his efforts and encourage him by putting a ‘LOLS' or a smiley. You can make a guy feel good if you respond to his jokes by cracking a joke yourself and saying something funny.

Take things slowly:

Guys do not like women who want to rush into things. When talking to a man on an online dating site you must make sure that you let things take their own course. Never jump into any conclusions and also do not pour out your heart to him. Try to delve in to his mind and gauge what he really feels about you.

Show him that you share his likes:

When talking to men on online dating websites, show them that you share common interests with him. Get some knowledge about the kind of things that guys like to talk about. If you show some interest in sports, cars, business, politics, or for that matter anything that your guy likes, he will enjoy his conversations with you.

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