Friday, 25 November 2011

3 Different Ways to Flirt With a Hot Guy

There is a guy you think is totally hot and you definitely want to see if there is any way that you can generate some kind of spark with him. You normally don't get too nervous about flirting with a guy, but this one is different. He's hot. Hotter than what you are used to. You don't want to come across like every other woman who does the same things to flirt with him. You want to be unique and different. You want him to see something special in you.

Your knees kind of buckle when you see him and you get butterflies when you are around him. Flirting with a hot guy is not all that different than flirting with any other guy, though you might think it would be. Truthfully, a lot of the hotter men don't even know that they are seen that way. You might be surprised at how many good looking guys consider themselves to be average.

Anyways, here are 3 tips for flirting with a hot guy that you ought to know:

1) Don't come on too strong, not at first.

If this is the kind of guy who is used to getting women all worked up when they are around him, then you best bet is to make him see something a little bit different from you. Too strong of a flirt with a guy like this may not be the best strategy. Try and tone it down a little bit and make him wonder why you are not acting the way that other women do when he is around them. Remember to give him a little something, though, so that he wants to flirt back with you.

2) Get him to do some of the talking.

Let him have his time when it comes to the conversation. You don't need to, nor should you want to try and dominate the talking time. Plus, when you talk just a little too much around a guy, it is too easy to give off that nervous vibe that will backfire on you.

3) Light up his day with your smile.

As superficial as guys might be in regards to a woman's body, most men will appreciate the beauty in a warm smile at just the right time. In fact, this may just be what separates you from other women that he meets and warms his heart to you. Don't be afraid to flash those pearly whites and light up his day with a genuine smile.

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