Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Confused By Women - Heres Some Advice If You Are Stumped

It's easy to get confused by women. Way too easy. The way that men and women go about things is so entirely different from each other much of the time, it's kind of surprising that we do get it right. If you want to find a way to stop feeling stumped, then listen up. There are a few things that all guys need to know that will take away some of that confusion. It won't take it all away, but it will take a lot of it away and that's not bad at all.

One of the reasons why guys feel confused by women, is because men and women tend to voice themselves slightly different from each other. This is definitely the case when it comes to attraction. When a woman feels attracted to a guy, it's not unusual for him to have no clue at all that she feels that way. And the reverse is true as well.

Here is some advice just in case you are stumped and confused by women:

1) She does not want you to solve her problems as much as she just wants you to listen to her.

This is a classic miscommunication that happens between men and women, even in couples that have been together for a LONG time. The guy assumes that if she is telling him about a problem, that she must want him to solve it. Sometimes that may be the case, but more often than not... she just needs an ear to listen to her. If you can give her that and not try to solve her problems for her, you will be much better off.

2) She does not want to have a guy who is just a nice guy, she wants a guy who can excite her.

Nice guys can easily be just friends or like a brother to a woman. Exciting guys on the other hand are more likely going to be the guy she wants to date. If you want to be that guy, the one that she wants to actually date and be in a relationship with, make sure that you bring some excitement to the table.

3) The fastest way to win over most women... is to learn how to use conversation as an attraction builder.

Master the art of conversation with a woman, and it won't be long before you find that you are suddenly doing much better in terms of getting women to flirt back and even want to date you. The average guy is pretty poor in his conversation skills, and this is one area that if you are able to master... you will be able to get a girlfriend very easily and keep her attracted to you.

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