Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Best Way to Ask Out a Girl - 3 Steps For Asking Girls

1. A girl you met in the dog park -

The best way to ask out a girl you met in the dog park on a weekend is to plan activities you can do together when you meet again next Sunday. These activities must revolve around your common denominator... dogs!

2. A girl you regularly ride with in the subway -

You can exchange numbers with her so you can send SMS messages when you need her to reserve a seat for you or vice versa. Since you see each other on a daily basis, you can ask her to share a cup of coffee with you somewhere near your regular meeting place (the subway).

3. A girl you met at a friend's party -

You ask your friend to introduce you to the girl and you openly flirt with her, hinting that you want to spend more time with her away from the crowd. You find out later that she takes the early shift, so she can't schedule an all-nighter with you. You take her number and give her yours so you can plan to meet later, when you both have the time.

Do you see a pattern here? A girl will only agree to a date with you if you take some factors into consideration like the things you have in common and the logistics of the date. With that said, there's no cookie cutter way for dating a girl. You always have to personalize your technique to suit the girl you want to date.

Now here's a bonus tip that you'll find useful if you want to learn how to ask girls out...

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