Saturday, 19 November 2011

4 Traits of High Maintenance Women

High maintenance women are those who need many things (money, material goods, affection) to be happy. They possess an almost obsessive attention to detail that extends beyond their person, to their homes, their pets, and yes, even their men. So, how can you distinguish whether or not the girl you thought was the best catch ever is really a prima donna behind closed doors? Read on to learn the 4 essential traits these demanding gals possess.

1. They always look like a million bucks
High maintenance women are obsessed with all aspects of their personal appearance and put great effort into looking great at all times; however, the worst pitfall to dating these women is dealing with their vanity. Sure, their fascination with their own looks means that whenever they step out of the house, they look perfect. But guess what? They know they look perfect and for every hour of showing off, they'll spend another 8 hours on upkeep and repair behind the scenes, e.g., very expensive decorated fingernails, makeup, hair weaves and extensions.

2. They are incredibly materialistic
High maintenance women demand the best of all these things. They expect nothing less than 4 star accommodations and food venues, shopping at designer stores and exotic vacations. These gold diggers will only settle with a man that can offer them status and recognition and they are eager for gifts that are caked with money instead of sentimental value. They tend to focus more on the luxuries of the BMW you're driving rather than the trip you're embarking on and will take notice of the thread count of your sheets rather than your body lying on top of them.

3. They require constant attention and reassurance
High maintenance women are overly dramatic and can be emotionally draining to their partners because of the unreasonable amounts of romance, non-stop attention and reassurance they require. If you're not able to keep up the level of attention and compliments they demand and someone else better comes along, they will jump ship.

4. They have Princess Syndrome
High maintenance women walk around feeling entitled to the good life without feeling any need to lift a finger to achieve it. Most high maintenance women have the belief that the world revolves around them and are quick to reject those they feel are beneath them or whom they perceive as having low status. In relationships, they believe that they are too delicate to perform certain tasks and will often flat out refuse to carry their share of the load.

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